Our firm the INKER Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató BT was founded in 1990. The INKER – INGATLAN ventures on selling real estates that are suitable for investment and real-estate developing and the evaluation of real estates mainly in the region of Lake Balaton and in other frequented areas in our country and giving expert opinion. In addition to trade in real estate we venture on building and renewal of houses and holiday homes, the preparing and managing of building them and highly responsible technical managing. We do our our activity as agents on the basis of a contract of agency and we only claim to comission from our assignors after a succesful bussines according to the conditions put down in a previous agreement. Among our services you can also find the complete arrengement of selling projects, exploring other real estates that are suitable for investing by our cooperataing partners architect construction engineers, architect judicial experts, legal experts and advisers as well as lawyers.

According to the challenges of our time our firm stresses the quick sending of information online by our personal contacts very much. We are refreshing the datebase of our real estates that we have offered for selling and our displaying materials continuously as well as we are in permanent online contact with our foreigner partners in Sydney and London who cooperate with our office. Our philosophy: Honesty, Reliability, Expertise.

…when you search for something or offer something you can find a partner in us: INKER